Tracey and I are always on the lookout for products that are either organic, sustainable, eco-friendly, or just plain smart. Here are a few we’ve come across recently. Tell us when you find products you like for your baby, toddler, and older kids:

For Baby:

Babylife’s Weego Bottle: Made of glass (and not potentially toxic plastic) but wrapped in a plastic sleeve to prevent breakage if the baby slams down or drops the bottle. (; $18)

Funkie Baby’s Bibs: Colorful bibs, like those printed with sushi, have a waterproof layer between cotton layers so baby isn’t sucking on plastic when he brings it to his mouth. (; $19)

For the Toddler:

Royal VKB’s Puzzle Tray: Made of plastic, the cutlery, cut and plate are inset into the tray like a puzzle, making it fun for kids to place the items in their place and easier for parents, who don’t have to keep picking up the dropped spoons. (; $50)

For the Traveling Parent:

Callpod’s Chargepod: Need to charge a Game Boy, cell phone, iPod, and portable DVD player all at once when on the road? No problem. Just plug them into this circular charger that can power up six devices at the same time, using a wall socket or even a car adapter. (; $39.95)

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