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A Corny Idea?

Last night I took my kids to a boardwalk in South Jersey; we met some friends with their kids. I went on a ride called The Enterprise, which is circular in nature and includes a substantial upside-down portion. Each time I went from upside-down to right-side-up I smelled something terrible–a burnt paper/food stench, which I hoped was not associated with the ride. Once on the ground, after I regained my equilibrium, I found the culprit to be a roasted corn kiosk. Then I was stunned to see loads of happy kids munching on corn, holding the cobs below by the charred husks (like handles of lollipops). Although corn doesn’t have much nutritional value, it greatly warmed my heart, even if the kiosk was located right next to the dastardly Dippin’ Dots! Now, if we can only get them to do something with string beans…..Tracey


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